Campus Biotech

The conference will be held at the Campus Biotech, a Swiss center of excellence in biotechnology and life sciences research, located in Geneva (Switzerland).

Campus Biotech was created to cross boundaries between disciplines and sectors, providing a unique ecosystem that brings academic, clinical, industrial and entrepreneurial actors together, to ensure projects to have access to the resources and skills that they need to push the frontiers of medical discoveries and to make breakthroughs.


How to get to Campus Biotech

Campus Biotech
9 Chemin des Mines
1211 Geneva 20
T: +41 58 944 03 00

Please check the Google map below.

By bus

The buses and trams around Geneva run from about 05:00 – 24:00 hr. Depending on the line, additional night buses and trams are scheduled after 24h00 on weekends. You will receive a free public transportation ticket during your stay given by your hotel. Public transport to the Campus Biotech involve different means:

  • Buses 1 and 25, bus stop  “Perle du Lac” or “Jardin Botanique”
  • Bus 11, bus stop “Jardin Botanique”
  • Tram 15, tram stop “Maison de la paix”
  • Public transport by boat, Mouette 4, boat stop “De-Chateaubriand”

For additional information on bus time schedules/routes, please visit

By train (regional train)

Train station: Geneva Sécheron


A P+R parking lot is located close to the Campus Biotech premices. However we advice you to take the train and/or public transport for a more comfortable journey to the Venue.


Taxi services in Geneva operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many taxi stands around the city and you can call 022 331 41 33 at any time for a scheduled pick-up.