Terms and Conditions

Registration and payment terms

  • The number of participants is limited to 300. Registration is on a first come first served basis.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive via email an invitation to make the online payment of the registration fees. You are expected to pay within 1 week to confirm your attendance. The organizer will confirm your registration after receiving the payment.
  • Admittance to the conference cannot be permitted without prior receipt of payment or a valid proof of payment.
  • The e-mail confirming your registration is sent automatically upon reception of the payment. The NCCR Chemical Biology assumes no responsibility if communications cannot be sent due to a faulty e-mail address.

Personal data management

  • The data entered upon registration will appear on your name badge, receipt, abstract book, certificate of participation, etc. as inserted in the registration form.
  • If you are accepted to the symposium, the NCCR Chemical Biology will use your personal information to: process your payments and thus your registration and facilitate your attendance at the event, provide you with information regarding the symposium (including scheduling and logistics), provide you with other information that we believe may be of interest to symposium participants.
  • We may share personal information (other than payment information) of symposium participants (e.g. in the programme booklet) with the other persons attending the event to enable participants to contact each other for networking purposes.

Service as an invited speaker

  • If you agree to speak during the symposium, we collect the information described in the previous section.
  • We will also request a biography and photograph to be used rights-free to post on the symposium website and on the social media pages.

Photography and video consent and release

  • The NCCR Chemical Biology takes photographic and video material of participants during the symposium. When registering for the symposium, you acknowledge having read the terms and conditions specific to this event regarding the transfer of your image rights to the NCCR. The NCCR will retain the copyright of the photographs and videos taken on during the symposium.
  • You grant permission to the NCCR Chemical Biology to capture and reproduce images of yourself intact or in part for material used in publications, brochures, or other related endeavours. This material may also appear on Internet and social media pages pertaining to the activities of the NCCR Chemical Biology, and you agree not to claim any compensation or other remuneration for it, presently or in the future.

Cancellation of registration by participant

  • Cancellation of registration must be submitted via email sent to the Conference Office (nccr-chembio@unige.ch) and is valid only with acknowledgement of receipt by the Conference Officer.
  • Your registration will be cancelled together with the abstract you have submitted for the symposium.
  • If cancellation occurs earlier than December 20, 2019 then the registration fee will be reimbursed to the full.
  • Any cancellation between December 20, 2019 and January 7, 2020 will be refunded with 50% cut-off (50 CHF).
  • If cancellation occurs from January 8, 2020 onwards, there will be no refund.
  • If payment has been made by the payment deadline of the event and a visa is not awarded in time to travel to the event, the full registration fee will be reimbursed. In this case, the visa rejection letter or proof that the visa application process has been initiated on time is required before reimbursement is processed.

Cancellation of registration by the NCCR Chemical Biology due to force majeure

  • The NCCR Chemical Biology is entitled to reschedule, shorten, withdraw from or terminate (in all cases partially or completely) the symposium for factual reasons beyond the control of the NCCR Chemical Biology, such as fire, severe thunderstorm, terror threats, security/safety risks or flooding (“force majeure”) without this leading to the NCCR Chemical Biology being liable for any damages.
  • The termination pursuant to the cause of force majeure invalidates the parties’ mutual obligations. The NCCR Chemical Biology shall inform the participants without due delay.
  • In the event of a termination by NCCR Chemical Biology due to force majeure, the NCCR Chemical Biology shall reimburse the payment of the registration fees made to it by the participants for services that have not been provided at the time of cancellation.


  • The NCCR Chemical Biology reserves the right to amend any part of the symposium programme at any time.
  • By participating in this symposium, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. In the event that these terms and conditions are revised, your on-going consent will be sought.


  • Participants to the symposium are responsible for the cost of travel from their hometowns to the venue in Geneva, as well as for the costs of hotel, non-sponsored meals, local transport and other living expenses.
  • They will also have to make their own arrangements for passports, visas, travel insurance and medical insurance.

Links to other websites

  • The NCCR Chemical Biology websites (including the international symposium website) contain links to third party websites or resources. Their inclusion does not imply any endorsement or approval by the NCCR Chemical Biology, and these are provided for your information and convenience only. The NCCR Chemical Biology accepts no responsibility of liability in respect thereof.