Shiroh Futaki

Cytosolic delivery of biomacromolecules
Division of Biochemistry, Biofunctional Design-Chemistry, Kyoto University, Japan


Shiroh Futaki obtained his Ph.D. in 1989 from Kyoto University, Japan. Following his appointment as a Research Associate and an Associate Professor at the University of Tokushima, he moved to Kyoto University in 1997. Meanwhile, he spent 16 months (1989-1991) in the US as a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Biochemistry, Rockefeller University. He has been a Professor of Biochemistry at the Institute of Chemical Research, Kyoto University, since 2005. His research interests include design of bioactive peptides having unique functions (cell penetration, DNA-binding, and so on). He has published more than 220 original research papers and 40 review publications in leading journals in peptide science and chemical biology. He is now appointed as the Vice President of The Japanese Peptide Society. He is also a member in the Board of Trustees of The Japanese Biochemical Society and the Editorial Boards of 3 scientific journals.