Raphaël Rodriguez

CD44 regulates epigenetic plasticity by mediating iron endocytosis
Institut Curie, Paris, France


Raphaël Rodriguez carried out his PhD under the supervision of Sir J. Baldwin at Oxford (UK), where he completed the total synthesis of complex natural products. He joined the University of Cambridge in November 2005 as a Cancer Research UK Postdoctoral Fellow, working under the mentorship of Sir S. Balasubramanian. From 2009 to 2012, he trained in cell biology at the Gurdon Institute under the guidance of Prof. S. Jackson. Together, they established a link between G-quadruplex DNA and genome instability. In 2012, he joined the CNRS as a Principal Investigator and moved to Institut Curie in 2015. His recent work led to the discovery that CD44/Hyaluronate mediate iron endocytosis, regulating epigenetic plasticity in cancer.