Javier Montenegro

Supramolecular Peptides for cell delivery and cytoskeleton mimics
Santiago de Compostela University, Spain


Javier Montenegro obtained his PhD degree in 2009 (Santiago de Compostela, Prof. Susana Lopez, FPU fellowship) in the field of Organic Synthesis and Protein Chemical Biology. He carried out two predoctoral stays in Cambridge (Prof. Steven V. Ley) and in the Scripps Research Institute (Prof. Reza Ghadiri). He pursued post-doctoral studies at the University of Geneva in the group of Prof. Stefan Matile from 2009 to 2012. He then achieved the Juan de la Cierva (2012) and the Ramón y Cajal (2015) contracts to start his independent carrier at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Montenegro’s lab research efforts are based in organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry applied to chemical biology and nanotechnology. The group has achieved prestigious grants such as the Starting Grant from the ERC and the HFSP young investigator award.