Adai Colom

Membrane remodelling and mechanical properties over the immunological synapse and viral infection
Biofisika Institute (Spain)


Adai Colom is a PI researcher interested in membrane biophysics. Over the past years, his research activities have been focused mostly on the field of cell membrane biophysics and cell trafficking. He finished his doctoral thesis on Structural Biology at the Institut Curie (Paris) and Aix-Marseille University (Marseille) in France, under the supervision of Dr.Simon Scheuring, where he developed one of the first High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopes ( HS-AFM) with an optical setup. Later he moved to the University of Geneva under Dr. Aurélien Roux, where he did his postdoc in cell trafficking and membrane mechanics. There, Adai together with other groups from NCCR developed a new method to measure lipid membrane tension. Recently, he has been award with Ikerbasque and Ramon y Cajal Fellow and set up his lab in Biofisika institute (Bilbao, Spain).