To celebrate the end of 12 years of research carried out by the NCCR Chemical Biology, a humoristic touch will be added to the 2022 Symposium with the 10’ performance of a young stand-up comedian, Shannon Granger.



About Shannon Granger

After winning the Pierre Gianadda Foundation prize for the Visual Arts sector at the end of her high school studies and having practiced dance for ten years, Shannon Granger went on to perform in an amateur theater group for two years, which confirmed her aspiration to be an actress. She then entered the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Fribourg, before starting a Bachelor’s degree in acting at La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène in Lausanne. At this school she worked on the stand-up writing and sharpened her inclination for humor. She also performed several times in English. In parallel to her studies, she pursued her personal creative and cultural activities by co-founding two musical bands, with which she performed numerous songs and concerts. After graduating from La Manufacture, she performed in several shows and became assistant director for the Oscar Gómez Mata company. She is currently preparing a co-production with a renowned theater in Valais, the TLH-Sierre.